Anohana (Movie) OP – Circle Game (feat. Jefferz)


Sept 4, 2021



The forget-me-nots in the fields as they bloom
Thinking back, on the colours, they’d light up the room
In my dreams, there’s a girl with a stillness inside
With her hands here in mine, we just took off into the skies

The trails we see across the skies drawing pictures with the sun
We don’t have a care, we’re like rockets flying there
As the crowds that watch us fly cheer and call out their laughter fills the air
As time flows on and on we’ll leave this place and make a home
We’ll make it I swear all our memories are there
But still I just can’t shake off this feeling, we’ll fall into despair

“Let’s meet again, here at the start”
The words of our goodbye are resounding in my heart
I’m standing still and yet these words still connect with you
And suddenly we break through

All things simple to me, all things still undefined
They’ll burst- into colours in my mind
It’s the feeling I long for, the words I can’t say
I’m holding on and hoping for it some day
All things simple to me, all things still undefined
They’re still the same and intertwined
With the sound our song, the flowers blooming inside my heart
Reminds me that we’re not apart

Running around on an evening alone
Through a city no knows, I’d explore the unknown
We were spinning around, here in circles now we’re free
In those moments where you’re gone, you were only a memory to me

So let’s go, let our circle game replay
I will pray each day as you sing right along
Can we make this a dream where it never has to end?
I will pray again
As you sing us a song

So let’s go again, let our circle game keep playing
As we jump we feel the weight, weighing down in our hearts
So let’s play in between, all those sad and happy moments
We’ll just pray and restart
As our song leaves the future open

“We’re here again back at the start”
Your voice is still the same that I hear inside my heart
And soon I see, I’m floating right through all these stars beside you
This time I know what I should do

All things simple to me, all things still undefined
They’ll float like the petals through my mind
Flowers floating and dancing, the skies I still see
I’m moving on, the past is far behind me

Feel the wind that’s calling to me
Those flowers on the breeze, they’ll fly to a place we’ve yet to see
With the sound our song, those flowers blooming colours in my heart
Remind me that we’re not apart