Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train ED – Homura (feat. Merobean)


Jan 07, 2023



“So it’s goodbye” “I’m thankful too”
I’m calling out to you
Holding back my tears as you go
Although we both know
I hope these words will reach to you as we go our way
So the warmth we had will be with you when you need it someday

I just thought these days would always stay and they’d never fade
The future I envisioned in the dreams that we made
So I’ll call out to you
‘Til the light’s breaking through
Fill my heart with all this fire in my view

Here we stand again, on our journey’s end, there’s a fire burning wild and free
For our future, just take my hand and let go just let it be
It must be our fate, when those dreams come true
When I close my eyes I think back to you
I’ll cry as I try to say “I’ll be stronger every day”
So goodbye, cause my heart won’t be swayed

I want to dream of memories nostalgia on my mind
Crying louder as the rain falls, oh the world’s so unkind
This feeling here, won’t disappear, the older we grow
I don’t want to lose this I promise, more than anyone could know

If I let the sadness in and let my tears all fall again
The pain I’ve locked inside for all this time will all end
But your words call to me
And your wish soaring free
I’ll protect them all I promise I swear you’ll see

I could hear the sound as it faded far, far away
Now it’s crumbling down, our beautiful world gone astray

Here alone I stand reaching out my hand, holding close the piercing might of the light
For our future’s sake, it will shine on and fade out from our sight
With your faith in me, I will not be swayed
I will carry every promise we made
I’m never looking back, there’s nothing left to see
I’m looking straight ahead to the future calling me
My heart is set ablaze, I’ll never hesitate
Far away the future awaits