Oshi no Ko OP – Idol (feat. Merobean)


July 28, 2023



Goin’ viral with her smile across the media
Wanna know it all, her secret’s so mysterious
Every flaw she shows is still a skill within her area
So perfect, you’re a liar, oh I’m telling ya!
You’re a genius idol, you know

So what’d you eat today? This book, is it your fav?
So what’d you do for fun? Is that the answer that you gave?
I haven’t ate in days, but please don’t tell a soul
I’ll dodge all of your questions ‘til the game’s in my control

So brilliantly, she’s just so calm you see
The secret’s brought to light, out of sight, sweet as they can be
There’s nothing left to see, there’s nothing honestly
Is your type a cutie too? I hear you
Just answer, tell me who

“When it comes to love, I just don’t have a clue
Even now I don’t know, feels like love will pass me by”
I can’t tell, was this the truth or just a lie?
But I fell I don’t know when you say those words to me and then
I let myself fall once again

Everyone’s so captivated here by you
They can see you’re perfect, you’re their special idol
They can try, they’ll never be the same
You’re the first real star, they all know your name
Ah I’ll say it with a smile, I’ll love you till the end
‘Cause everyone is watching you although it’s all pretend
I know that it’s a lie
But your words are still the perfect love I’ve wanted to help me survive

Yeah yeah, she’s so special she’s so perfect yes
We’re just extras, cheering for you and we’re screaming “yes”
We’re the B-list actors, we’re just no one who could care less
It’s all thanks to you we’re here and yeah we all know it

Ah what a pain
That’s the jealousy once again, why are they vain?
Think it’s a joke to survive?
I’m done with you, why don’t you die?
Not perfect at all, done with you, go get a life
I’m done with being alive
So unless you’re a strong rival, I promise you’ll never survive

Everyone’s still cheering, calling out for you
You’re unstoppable, the strongest, you’re their idol
Can’t find any weaknesses so far
‘Cause you’re holding tightly to every star

Don’t let them see your heart, it’s weak, it’s overflowing
Don’t you show a heart you’re better off not knowing
Let’s make it unique so it’ll last forever
And together, that’s a real love

With my smile, I’m causing chaos across the media
There’s one secret that I’m hiding, I’m not tellin’ yah
“Yes I love you too” is the lie that built my career-ah
It’s my style of love and all of you can’t get enough-ah
Sweat is dripping, oh so pretty just like Aqua
Rubies hiding in my eyes, they fill the area
I’ll sing, I’m spinning now, you can call me, Maria
So, is this love the one that you’ve been dreaming of?

When it comes to love, I haven’t felt it yet
So I’ll wait every day for a love I won’t forget
And some day these words won’t be another lie
They’ll be real and this time it won’t pass me by

I still believe it

There’ll be a day where all my dreams will just come true
‘Cause I’m greedy, selfish, not your perfect idol
So for once, I’ll show my love is real
As I am, I’ll show you just how I feel

But still, I’m lying through today
These words will someday be the truth and not a line that someone told me to say
But even here with you
I couldn’t find a way to close this distance, the words breaking through
Ah, I can say it right
It’s finally not a lie, listen closely cause
“I love you too”