Oreimo OP1 – irony (feat. EiS)


Aug 5, 2017



Could you please not treat me kind and nicely
I just don’t know how to act so honestly
All my words are jumbled, blushing as we embrace
Blurring your happy grinning face

As my heart beats
I’m searching for the missing piece that makes my heart complete
It’s you I’ve found
I get the little butterflies whenever you are around

Though I try, you’re just out of my reach, but I still want to believe
If I hurry maybe far from behind, I’ll catch up to you in time

Could you please not treat me kind and nicely
For you only hurt me with sincerity
All the many lies, I told, building up to sky
I’m trapped but don’t know why
Could you please stop staring when I look at you
I just don’t know what to say or what to do
How you’ve got me falling head over heels
Could I smile someday, only if this feeling’s real

How many days
Have I devoted just to you, so many, I cannot say
Though really close
I’m just so nervous I can’t speak, and so this silence grows

If I could, just throw my doubts away, I’d cross the distance today
Gather up my courage, give it a try
As I gaze into your eyes

Could you please not treat me kind and nicely
For it only hurts me more, oh can’t you see
Every breath and sigh, I feel all these jitters inside
While I tried to act cool and lie
Could I ever tell you straight and truthfully
No, I’ll mask my voice and hum this melody
Maybe one day soon, with all of my might
Leave my doubts behind, and I’ll let my heart take flight

Though sometimes I don’t seem to know myself, I still want to know
Everything all about you, learning more, it makes me feel close
I try my best to stop these crazy thoughts that keep me from you
Though I may stumble now, I’ll someday break them down and speak the truth

Could you please not treat me kind and nicely
Now you’re hurting both of us, don’t you agree?
All the endless lies are drowning me but still I will try
To one day tell you why
Though I cannot seem to find the words to say
Still want to see you each and everyday
Though the pages turn, we’re close to the end
Could I smile for once, could I see you soon again