One Week Friends ED – Kanade (feat. Haruka)


Mar 7, 2020



Through the crowds, I hear you there – the silence fills the air
I could hold your hand, but I know, it’s just too hard to let go
I tried to smile and wave goodbye, as you faded from my view
If I find the words in my heart, maybe we won’t have to part

‘Cause the seasons that I spent without you are finally gonna end
And I know I’ll find the words for when we meet again
But the songs I hear just sound so lonely, they’re still consuming me
What I’m searching for
The words I lost inside your eyes
“I don’t wanna say goodbye”

“Take my hand, I’ll lead the way”, we’d hear it every day
Was this just the role that I played? Or was there more to say…but
Now I understand, it’s who we are, we’re lost like shooting stars
Can we use the days we’d built before
As a guide to something more?

‘Cause the seasons that I spent without you, they slowly start to grow
So I’ll start to find the words to change these stories we know
Just as long as you can hear the music from somewhere far away
It connects with you, I know this song you hear it too
It’ll reach wherever you are

Suddenly the time has come
Without you there will be no one
As our hands just drifted further away, my heart was wishing you’d stay
I called to you and held you tight, so you would always know
“All these feelings carried through my voice’ll reach you there wherever you go”

Now the seasons that I spent without you will finally disappear
‘Cause the day when you appeared, the world just looked so clear
Every song reminds me of the mornings as they’re filling up with light
It’s because of you, these moments are shining so bright

‘Cause I’ve known it all along, my feelings here, I’ll write it all into a song
And I’ll play it loud through every town until you are found
No, these words won’t change cause if they soar there, they’ll shine just like before
It connects with you just know I feel it too
And I’ll stay wherever you are