Your Lie In April ED1 – Kirameki – Acoustic Ver. (feat. 愛梨。, Jefferz, Kanimey & TeraCMusic)


May 21, 2021



I wanna tell you how I’m feeling
With you, I knew these fears would fade away
Each and every day
Together, we can see this world is shining brighter

We’re going home along the same road
The rhythm of our footsteps overflowed
The rain is slowing down
And only now I feel the breeze that’s dancing gently right through the town

If this world was you and I
I would treasure all the time
Pray so every day
It never passes by

I wish I knew what to do, I wish I could find a way
I’ll look in your eyes and I’ll finally say

“It’s your hand I always want to hold,
Promise I will save you from the cold”
Somehow you still convey, more than I’ll ever say
With your hands entwined with mine
I knew everything was fine

“You’re the only one I need to see
Even when you’re gone you’re here with me”
No matter where we go I know I’ll be there
I’m by your side

I’m looking back, but I don’t know why
You won’t be there no matter what I try
Still I look around
I feel like I still hear you call my name as I wander back through our town

If somehow there was a way
I’d go back to all those days
Walking by your side before our fates collide
When the cherry blossoms bloomed, and you watched them here with me
But now that they’re orange, you never will see

“It’s your smile I always want to bloom
When you smile you light up every room”
The memory of your face, I never could erase
Your warmth would always glow
More than anyone could know

All these memories that fill my heart
I will send them all back to the start
They’ll soar across the skies that may not ever end
We’ll meet again

“It’s your voice I always want to hear
In my mind, it never disappears”
You knew it from the start, the music of my heart
With you, I’m always home
And it’s all I’ve ever known

I have known it from the day we met
You’re the treasure I cannot forget
Inside my heart, I’m thankful for everything you do

So thank you too