Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ED – ninelie (feat. Rachellular)


Apr 28, 2017



Once aglow, all the stars would shine on brightly to give us hope
Now there’s not a glimmer left
Once a storm, with the howling winds and rain drenching dreams in a downpour
Like a pain within my chest

Tired of following, and answering, nowhere to go
The daybreak without the sun, war has begun, so

I reach for that daydream, fading, the story no one told
Glory lost, at what cost, with nowhere left for us to go
The voices cry out only to never be heard
For endless silence, is all that we’ve earned

Piece in hand, as you try to solve the puzzle and understand
Why we fight through everyday
Shadows rise, just an imitation of what we show on the outside
Like a elegant display

Frustration, agony, insanity within your soul
Our truths soon will be exposed, the ultimate goal

Don’t give up your daydream, don’t let them push you to the side
Keep that light, in your sight, although it’s hard we have to try
It’s far too late to turn back, the heavens will sing
We’ll break this silence, and fate’s bells will ring

Heart beats following, with the train that leaves this morning / evening
Leaving the city far behind, and the memories that we made in time
Twisting reality, as our worlds collide so frantically
Feel the rising resistance, and a valiant existence

The crushed start to cry and dream, while I will carry out my choice
Towers fall, hear my call, I swear I’ll rise above the noise
I’ll sing and hold to hope as if there’s nothing more
And break this silence, with this song of war

(Don’t be afraid daybreak has come)