Vinland Saga ED1 – Torches (feat. Angela)


Sept 25, 2020



It’s just like a burning torch in the storm
Like a little flower blooming in the home
Hoist the sail and stand by everything that you believe
But don’t forget yourself while on the open sea

A misty moon
I’m missing you
When the world fades away with everything I know
That’s when emotions overflow

Listen to me, cleave your way again, again
Look to the future and the journey sailing to the end
Although the ocean there cannot be seen through all the haze
Remember now, you’re not alone and so
Raise your torch and light the way
Turn the darkness into day

It’s just like a lighthouse in your hands
Like a little flag flapping in the sands
Although you may not know just where you’re meant to head to
If you believe and persevere you’ll make it through

A floating moon
A lonely tune
Pushing upon the starboard as you make your way
And as the mast begins to sway

Listen to me, sail away again, again
Searching to find the way across the sea to reach you then
A voice upon the wind, guiding you on against the waves
To sail ahead, you’re not alone you know
So don’t ever be afraid
Turn the darkness into day

See a light that’s growing bright
Listening to the rain and wind billowing and surging so loud
It’s the song of the Earth and a melody heard that you’re hearing now
Shimmering right before my eyes, a dreamy scene golden and white
Come what may, here’s the day where the sky and heavens open wide

On this path there are moments that you can’t escape
Without lasting scars
When you’re born in this world, it’s your chance to write history
Make your mark
Do good be good, like you always would
You’re not alone
Set your course into the waves
Turn the darkness into day
Carry on and sail away