Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End OP1 – Yuusha (feat. Merobean)


Jan 20, 2024



Like a page from the fairy tales you knew
This is proof that the end has come to you
Here on an endless journey filled with doubt
They’ll find the page and tear it out

In a land, that I’d seen some time ago
Evil lurked as we’d see the shadows grow
But then a hero saved us on that night
The day they brought us back into the light

Now our story’s reached its final scene
Our heroes asleep inside this dream
Living a life of every day routine
The credits flicker on the screen
As time goes by, it flows so heartlessly
I’ll forget the ones so close to me
Cause every piece of you that’s left behind
Will fade away in time

Still I can hear your words here; all your courage, your wishes shining through
Now all the pieces of you live on inside of me

On this path, we chose it was so clear
But now that we’re both here, the tears on my cheeks are now appearing so suddenly
What’s the reason for this feeling? Are the answers inside me?
I wanna know now
I’ll find it there somehow
Retracing the journeys and adventures we used to share
Even though I look, I know that you’re not there
Somewhere, I’m sure I’ll find it there